OUR Program

  • The Makauwahi Cave Reserve defines the local history of the south shore of Kauai. Join us as we journey through time, from Ice Ages, to the arrival of the Polynesians, to the historic Koloa sugar mill to today. 
  • What is re-wilding? Come find out! Ancient seed types, like those recovered from excavations on site are being grown in the native plant nursery.
  • Professional archeologists lead all tours. This ensures an authentic experience journeying through time! Tour guides are also knowledgeable about native plants and animals, geology and where to find the best poke on the island!   


 In ancient times the island was inhabited by giant, tortoise-billed, flightless water fowl.  Scientists have given the bird the Hawaiian name Moa Nalo.  The bird was a weedy underbrush feeder, but is now extinct. In an experimental cross purposing of species, scientists are using orphaned african tortoises which were raised in various places throughout the Hawaiian islands to control the weeds.  Join us and meet our weeders!! 

An air-conditioned, 12 passenger van will pick you up and drop you off daily from local Poipu hotels. You may join in on tours any day. Check our tour schedule for  local pick-up for your convenience! ​

Local snacks and beverages are provided. We work with local, organic farms and businesses to bring you fresh fruit, locally crafted granola bars and juices.  

The Daily Tour

Upon arrival we will walk a rustic 0.25 mile trail. Tennis shoes or closed toed shoes are advised. The tour involves walking on uneven paths to see the majestic beauty of the coast, endangered Hawaiian birds and rare native plants. 

*We CRAWL four feet through a three foot tall opening to enter the sinkhole.  Please let us know if you have any physical challenges!!  

*Caution- Restroom facilities are very limited on this rustic outdoor tour